Red Dragon Flagmakers


We are a micro manufacturing business in South Wales a family business ethos and what we believe to be a dynamic ‘can-do; attitude. Our business revenue is through the production of World Class traditional sewn flags, banners and bunting under our registered trademark Red Dragon Flagmakers. We specifically focus on the design and production of custom stitched flags for film and TV, castles, governments, universities and more. Every flag we make is unique and finished by hand – not a digital process in sight – and 100% made in the UK. We were established as a social enterprise in January 2014, employ nine people and are 100% reliant on revenue generated from sales, not grants. We are the only registered social enterprise flagmaker in the World and the only social enterprise manufacturer in Wales and are actively pioneering the move to bring manufacturing back to Wales.


Manufacturing as an industry wasnt listed as an option on business type drop down lists five years ago – unless it came under the title of Advanced Manufacturing or IT, so to set up a business making a niche product and as a social enterprise with the lack of knowledge surrounding was that means to the general population was a real leap of faith. But it worked and we now make and supply beautiful flags to the World market, b2b and b2c. As a manufacturing company we don’t have production line in the old sense of the manufacturing process but instead teach every person every element of the production process to ensure we never have a weak point and theoretically every person, once they’ve completed training is able to complete an order through cut make and trim from start to finish on their own. This enables flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to client requests and requirements.


We train and rehabilitate people separated from the mainstream employment market using an exclusive in-house developed Eight Stage Training Scheme which now links into accredited Apprenticeships in CMT textile goods production skills in collaboration with a local college. Our trainees and staff come to us through established collaborations including Remploy, Shaw Trust and JCP and are usually separated from mainstream education as well as employment because of personal circumstances, health and/or history. We believe attitude is the biggest disability and we give everyone who comes to us the equal opportunity to learn life, social and practical skills to be work and employment ready either with us or in the greater market. We are Disability Confident, a Living Wage and an Equal Opportunities employer. We’re not do-gooders or tree huggers, we run a vibrant business with a backbone of loyalty from the people we have given an opportunity to and we’re excited about the future.