Bond Digital Health Solutions


One year 2 – 11 jobs 0 – £700,000 business 0 – £5 Million valuation 0 – extensive pipeline 0 – awards, pr, peer recognition Amazing, enthusiastic, talented, driven, noodle loving, bike riding team of seriously good people. Collaborations with ground breaking researchers in Universities, Health boards and commercial organisations Feb 18 saw launch of first investment round of 1 Million to accelerate sustainable business and pump prime projects. First investor in place.


The clue is in the name – Digital Health. In it’s simplest terms the innovation is in the smart ways we apply digital tools to health needs. We have abandoned the overused cliche of disruptive technology and our mantra, more suited to the hard pressed health services here and abroad, is Adaptive and Enabling Technology. For why confront when you can collaborate?


To make a difference to the impact of chronic diseases on people, families, communities and economies world wide. Here is one easy to grasp local example of how AET can have an impact. Reduce the calls of COPD patients on GP clinics through AET by one, repeat – by one, just one. Now do the sums based on realistic working times 3,000,000 COPD UK patients @ 6 minutes per call = 300,000 hours / 32hr = 9,375 weeks / 40wk = 234 years Check the figures again it still comes out at 234 YEARS of doctor consulting time. That’s good for the patient, good for the doctor, good for the health services, and – what else could doctors be doing with that now freed up quarter of a century. 4 wins from a simple piece of low cost tech adding back value to the community.