Freight Logistics Solutions

How are you contributing to Wales' vibrant economy?

Freight Logistics Solutions of Pontypool was established the day after the UK referendum result in June 2016.

The brain child of Ieaun Rosser – formally Managing Director of outsourced labour company Smart Solutions, FLS was established as a supply chain management / freight forwarding company to support Welsh manufactures in the under resourced freight transport sector.

Ieuan spent a number of years with manufacturing clients across Wales and England who were really struggling with their transport requirements, either with huge difficulties in sourcing drivers for their own fleet because of the UKs huge driver shortage or getting the capacity and service quality required from their local hauleirs. FLS are arranging over 2500 shipments a month, we are buying bulk and passing those savings onto our clients. Brexit in whatever shape creates a whole additional set of logistical and administration challenges that welsh clients need far more support with.

From 2 people in small office to winning Wales Startup business of the year in 2018 and moving into its new 5000sqft HQ in January, recent account wins have now supported 6 strategic new appointments taking staff levels to 26 and turnover on target for £6m.

What does Vibrant Economy Wales mean to you and your organisation?

For us, our business is at the heart of Welsh manufacturing, supporting and managing supply chains on behalf of our customers is what we do, making sure our clients get what they need delivered where its needed, when its needed. A vibrant welsh economy makes sure that British, European and global customers remain confident in choosing Welsh suppliers.

A big benefit for Welsh business’ in a vibrant environment is around the acquisition and retention of skills and talent. We are more likely to recruit the very best talent because the environment is good, which will help us develop our business even further ultimately helping more organisations in Wales.

A vibrant economy in Wales means success for everyone, if our clients and suppliers are doing well, then so do we. FLS want to be doing business in a successful and vibrant region if market changes mean the core location of our customer’s shifts to another region we could consider shifting too, but we don’t want to do that we are in Wales for the long haul.

What key piece of advice would you give to others on their Vibrant Economy Wales journey?

The core to all business success is your people, build a great team, they are the key to your reputation, your brand and your business vibrancy.

Invest in the young but make sure you engage people at senior levels when you need it – don’t think you can do everything yourself.

Be as transparent as you can with your team, so they know exactly where they stand and feel part of the business family. Be clear and open on what you are all trying to achieve and make sure that your values and culture are embedded within your business practice.