Founded in April 2015 as a prototype built in less than a week, doopoll is one of the most exciting agile start-up companies in Wales today. The business has grown in all senses and tripled revenues in the last financial year a feat they aim to repeat in 2018.

Headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, doopoll is the award-winning platform for engaging audiences and gathering opinion. doopoll allows you to create powerful yet simple polls that people will actually enjoy completing. The over-riding belief is that organisations thrive when they understand what matters to the people they care about.

doopoll was established, when founding directors Steve Dimmick, Marc Thomas and Samuel Goudie recognised there was a need for hearing every voice when making big decisions. From concept to prototype in 4.5 days, the company continues to innovate and ship new updates on a continuous basis.

doopoll is working incredibly hard to engender a culture that is the envy of others. The 9 principles doopoll employees have as a cultural framework was recently picked up by the Financial Times’ Corporate Learning Alliance, highlighting the need for clarity around such approaches.

doopoll went from a prototype built in less than a week in April 2015, to a business that tripled revenues as Chief Commercial Officer, Steve Dimmick, led a sales team who signed up clients like O2, Legal & General, WRU and Nesta in 2017. In 2018 doopoll have added UK Government and DVLA to that roster already. Available in Welsh, French, Spanish and English, doopoll has thousands of customers in over 700 cities worldwide.

From day one doopoll recognised the need to differentiate itself, this is why it has trodden a distinct path to other competitors in the polling, surveying, audience engagement and research spaces. Specifically, doopoll offers:

Complete anonymity: doopoll don’t ask for any identifying information from respondents, meaning people are more honest and open in their responses

Full multilingual offering: The entire doopoll platform is available uniquely in Welsh, but also in French, Spanish and English. doopoll also provides real-time support over the internet in all of these languages too.

Accessibility: Over 80% of internet and email access is via mobile devices. And this is going up. doopoll is built for use as a mobile web app meaning you can answer in the browser without needing to download an app

Instaneity: a recent update to the platform has increased its speed by 25%, meaning clients see responses in real-time. This is super powerful in today’s ever faster moving world.

Love: our recent research showed that if a client activated an email capture at the end of a doopoll, on average over half of all respondents enter their details. Industry leading stats.

doopoll believes in people. Lots of them. When an organisation can use its hive-mind, it’s leaders are much better positioned to make sounder decisions. Understanding the true opinions of clients, suppliers, the public or staff is super empowering, but it should not be a complexed or time-consuming task to get these opinions.

In addition to all of the above exciting growth and innovation, doopoll is currently developing a series of improvements that will rocket fuel the platform in the near future as well as engaging with local Universities to bring in PhD students to undertake big-data and automation research for the business.

One of the company’s principles is “Build yourself, build each other. Just as iron sharpens iron, people sharpen each other”. doopoll is currently running an entrepreneurship challenge where, with a budget of £100 and a day of product development, all staff have to come up with an idea for creatively raising money for local charities.

Finally, the team believes he who eats alone, chokes alone. There is no lunch al-desko at doopoll you should always get up have a walk around, get in the fresh air and eat lunch away from your computer and phone. If you’re too busy to take a lunch break, then something is wrong, and staff know to raise this with their manager.