Cardiff Meditation

How are you contributing to Wales' vibrant economy?

I am doing this through bringing meditation and mindfulness into the workspace. There’s a reason why big businesses such as Google, Nike and Apple are implementing mindfulness and meditation into their workplace. And it’s due the great benefits employees, the big bosses and the business as a whole receive.

Mindfulness and meditation has proven to decrease absenteeism, improve employees’ focus and quality of work, create healthier relationships between staff in the workplace, make the workplace a happier environment and improve employees mental health.

The service I provide is focused on providing these great benefits to forward thinking corporations in Cardiff.

Cardiff Meditation is what can help strengthen workplaces and businesses in Cardiff and therefore, as a result, contribute to Wales’ vibrant economy.

What does Vibrant Economy Wales mean to you and your organisation?

To me and my organisation, vibrant economy Wales means that I have a great opportunity to join forces with other innovative and passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a change.
Having the chance to share and work alongside other inspiring individuals in Wales will not only strengthen our businesses but, will allow me and others to expand and grow to our fullest potential through working together.

What key piece of advice would you give to others on their Vibrant Economy Wales journey?

Follow your passion. Do what makes you happy and make sure a part of what you do involves giving. Whether it’s giving to people or to the environment. At the end of the day, you want to look back at your journey and think ‘Wow, look how many lives I have changed’ or ‘Look at how much I’ve helped the environment and nature’…I’m guessing that your goal isn’t to look back over your journey and think ‘Ah I’m so happy, look at how many shiny cars and houses I have!’ And if it is, I hope you’re aware that it won’t fulfil you!
If you’re right at the beginning of your vibrant economy Wales journey, ask yourself, ‘How can I use my talents and capabilities to make the biggest positive change in the World?’ and if the answer feels right in your heart, then begin your journey with that!