How are you contributing to Wales' vibrant economy?

Alcumus deliver market leading, software led, compliance risk management solutions to over 48,000 organisations globally. Our purpose is to help our clients become safer, healthier and stronger.
To achieve our purpose and vision we need to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people. We are passionate about building a supportive and dynamic environment for all our employees so that we can grow together.

We moved our headquarters to South Wales in 2017 and now employ 550 staff, more than 300 of whom are based at our office in Nantgarw, on the outskirts of Cardiff. As a large private sector employer in the region, we understand and value the important role we play in supporting the local economy.
Alcumus’s consistent growth over the last five years has resulted in a significant recruitment drive which has directly benefited the local economy. The wide-reaching nature of our work has also meant that we have been able to create a rich variety of roles, ranging from health and safety technical specialists to entry-level customer service positions. We are particularly proud to have created a ‘tech hub’ to drive our software led strategy – this has resulted in the growth of our technology team

What does Vibrant Economy Wales mean to you and your organisation?

For Alcumus, Vibrant Economy Wales means that we can demonstrate our support for local and national initiatives wherever possible. This includes our involvement in projects such as Agile Nation 2, a Wales based programme to close the gender pay gap and Chwarae Teg, the charity inspiring, leading and delivering gender equality in Wales.
Alcumus also takes great pride in partnering with local good causes such as the Gofal Charity to support well-being in the work place, as well as raising money for local charities such as local schools and community projects. Our staff also contribute to food banks, have donated gift bags for vulnerable children and have volunteered their own time to collect litter and improve the local environment.

We are dedicated to supporting events that align with our own company values. This has seen us sponsor the ‘Women in Technology’ category at the Wales Digital Awards and a conference for aspiring software developers in Wales. Our commitment to supporting and enhancing the local economy is one of the reasons we have recently won the Wales Large Management Team Award 2019 at the BCVA awards.

What key piece of advice would you give to others on their Vibrant Economy Wales journey?

Our main piece of advice would be to make sure your organisation is fully aware of the opportunities that basing yourself in Wales can offer. The country has a booming graduate population, highly ambitious young professionals and a growing number of specialist industries emerging such as financial services, manufacturing and technology.

In our experience, staff are highly ambitious and eager to develop themselves. Encouragingly, there are a number of initiatives that will provide financial support to organisations so that they can train and upskill their people or recruit new staff as part of focussed apprenticeships. By utilising these resources effectively, organisations can develop the skills of their workforce quickly and cost effectively which, in turn, should help their business to grow rapidly.