How are you contributing to Wales' vibrant economy?

ACT is all about people! We’re extremely passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives by providing excellent learning programmes and opportunities. We provide a long list of qualifications and training programmes that really help people reach their full potential. From Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships across over 30 different sectors, to employability training and short commercial courses, we have something for everyone and most of our training is fully-funded. We have ten Skills Centres located throughout Wales that are dedicated to providing an excellent standard of training to all of our learners. To date we have worked with over 12,000 employers, and helped over 62,000 young people achieve their career ambitions. We love what we do, and, not meaning to blow our own trumpet, we are good at it. Ranked 59th in Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for 2018, we’ve held the Investors in People Gold Award since 2010 and in 2017 were placed 7th best IIP Gold Company in the world. We were also recent winners of the BITC Cymru ‘Responsible Large Business of the Year’ award 2018.

What does Vibrant Economy Wales mean to you and your organisation?

To ACT, a vibrant economy is all about opportunities! Opportunities for both individuals and businesses. It also means inclusivity. Irrespective of background or circumstances, we feel all individuals should have access to the same opportunities and the ability to gain the necessary skills needed to achieve their potential. A vibrant economy also means businesses with vision, integrity and creativity, acting responsibly as they develop and grow in order to create further sustainable opportunities for others. ACT’s vision of a vibrant economy is a fair and inclusive Wales. One where businesses focus on their customers, whilst valuing their workforce and supporting their local community. It is also a Wales where individuals and businesses have the confidence to be brave, try new things and have the resilience to not only learn from mistakes, but embrace the inevitable challenges life throws along the way.

What key piece of advice would you give to others on their Vibrant Economy Wales journey?

The key piece of advice we would give any other business is to value, support and empower your workforce, in order to achieve a clear and meaningful purpose. At ACT we made staff happiness and engagement our number one priority, and since then we have grown significantly whilst improving the efficiency, quality and impact of the services we deliver. As well as having a clear and transparent reward system, we promote health, well-being and learning in the workplace. We have clear core values which underpin everything we do. These include being positive, exceeding expectations, raising aspirations, having fun and respecting individuals. ACT is proof that acting responsibly is not just beneficial to a business, it is crucial to its long term sustainability and success.